Adults & Teens Classes

Unlock and Maximise your POTENTIAL!

Our slow start beginners classes will build you from the ground up. We will build your confidence and teach you correct techniques. Over a few weeks single techniques turn into combinations and single press ups turn into 15! At storm you will learn a variety if martial arts in a single Mixed skilled curriculum where you can learn the best techniques and tactics so you can ADAPT and SURVIVE any street encounter and Complete in various competition formats if that is your ultimate aim.

why STORM?

We provide premium martial arts tuition at an affordable price for all. Our students know that our classes are a premium product and must be fit for purpose! Our job is to teach martial arts to the highest possible standards that other ‘clubs’ just can’t match in class content or teaching / coaching ability. There is no point training for years and when trouble starts you are not prepared physically and mentally to deal with the situation.

Here are a few reasons teens & adults start

  • Require Self Defence Training
  • Build Personal Fitness
  • Need to get fit without the gym
  • Positive Social interaction
  • Some suffer a sense of fatigue
  • Outlet for burning excess energy
  • Need a new life excitement
  • Bored with life
  • Too much video gaming

We can create a NEW YOU!

Our classes provide an opportunity to make life long friends. While you learn word class martial arts & self defence classes. In a safe, fun and clean environment with professional instruction and coaching.

An effect of training in martial arts is FITNESS (in all areas) many of our students have been to the gym in the past and quit due to lack of motivation, we will coach, motivate and focus you on achieving not just your martial arts targets, but your fitness and body sculpting goals too!


Get fit without the gym!

  • Learn devastating striking power,
  • Defend against sudden attacks
  • Surivive against knives & weapons
  • Deal with multiple opponents
  • Use multi styles to your advantage

You don’t need to be in good shape or have any prior experience to start. We will coach you every step of the way.

We will help you create a Confident, Goal achieving lifestyle that creates a new excitement about living your life in a positive new direction with focus and ATTITUDE!