Storm Martial arts was founded by Master Craig Church in 1992 to provide world class martial arts and self defence tuition. STORM is run and taught by Craig & Katie Church

At storm you will learn a complete martial arts style, We teach a modern, practical and efficient martial system that is designed to work as well in the ring as it does in a life or death self defence encounter.

Our unique multi style system will make sure your child will stay safe in any situation they may find themselves in. Learning a multi style systems makes out easier and faster to learn essential techniques that work in real life situations. 

With our 30 Years of teaching experience we are fully confident of meeting your expectations and requirements, To deliver a class your child will find fun, enjoyable, educational and be proud to attend.

You will be guided every step of the way and consulted on your specific goals and targets for your child, so we can plan the perfect outcome for you.

Our Team are highly trained with many years of experience so you can be confident that you and your children are in safe hands.

We are affiliated with W.A.K.O. Great Britain and comply full to the code of conduct and safeguarding procedures. 


CRAIG CHURCH – 7th DEGREE BLACK BELT – 35yrs Experience 

Professional Martial Arts Instructor


Professional Martial Arts Instructor



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