Here are a few questions we are often asked by new students. If you have any questions of your own please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07966 161409

Will I / my child be fighting from day one?

a) No, usually takes about six-eight months before sparring is required, You will have to learn set techniques and learn to control them before you spar / kickbox.

Will I get hurt?

No, we know you have to go to work/school tomorrow (accidents are rare at Storm)

Is there a minimum contract?

NO. we want you to feel secure, we will encourage and train you to the correct standard.

Who Is STORM Martial Arts governing body?

Storm is an affiliated member of ‘The British Martial Arts Academy’ – (B.M.A.A.) and of ‘The World Association Of Kickboxing Organisations’ – (W.A.K.O.) all grades and instructors are registered and insured under W.A.K.O. the biggest and most professional organisation in the world.  Reg CN650B.  We adhere to all wako regulations and standards!

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