Essentially putting all the skills together in a no holds barred fighting system.

Deisgned in the late 1990’s by the gracie family of Brazilliam Jiu Jutsu fame they put together the UFC as a showcase. Slowly over the last few years MMA has become a style in it’s own right:

Combining striking arts, grappling arts, ground fighting arts and submission skills.


MMA combines

Boxing – kickboxing –– judo – muay thai – wresling – Jiu Jutsu – and submission fighting.

Don’t worry we wont smash you to pieces everytime you train. We realise all our students have to go to work / school the next day. Learn effective skills in a safe and friendly environment.

We don’t tolerate thugs / bullys in our school.

We Don’t Tolerate Thugs & Bullies
in our Martial Arts School!